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Marvel Premiere #18

Marvel Comics

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Lair Of Shattered VengeanceIron Fist stars in "Lair of Shattered Vengeance!" Script by Doug Moench, pencils by Larry Hama, inks by Dick Giordano. Letter to the editor from Kim Thompson (Comics Journal). The letters page also contains Marvel Value Stamp series A # 74 (the Stranger by Gil Kane). Kane cover pencils. 
Iron Fist fights his way through Triple-Iron to get to Harold Meachum, only to find that the man who killed his parents has lost both of his legs and lived in terror for the last decade waiting for the inevitable confrontation with Daniel Rand; Unable to kill Meachum in vengeance, Iron Fist is leaving him to his fate when a mysterious ninja shows up and skewers Meachum with a sword; Meachum's daughter, Joy, walks in and believes that Iron Fist has killed her father.



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