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Crisis On Infinite Earths #12

DC Comics

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Final Crisis

The Anti-Monitor plans to finally destroy the Earth and its heroes once and for all and attacks the nations of the world simultaneously. The heroes fight back, however, and with the help of magicians and even Darkseid, formulate a plan. They return to Qward where they find Psycho Pirate and the Flash II's empty costume; as one, the heroes attack the Anti-Monitor. Heroes die as the battle rages until, finally, Kal-L, the Earth-Two Superman, destroys the Anti-Monitor. He, Superboy-Prime, Alex Luthor and the Earth-Two Lois Lane - whom Alex had saved from destruction - leave the universe for paradise, never to return. The remaining heroes of what was Earth-One begin to deal with their new lives and, eventually, Psycho Pirate remains as the last person to remember the Multiverse.



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