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Action Comics, Vol. 1 #584

DC Comics

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Superman is seen going on a destructive rampage, gloating about the power he wields in his hands. Cyborg of the Teen Titans tries to confront Superman but loses some cybernetic limbs in the process. He manages to call Changeling and Wonder Girl for help. They arrive, but Superman easily handles them.

Jericho arrives and locks eyes with Superman, allowing him to enter his body in order to keep him under check. A handicapped man named David Gunderson arrives, claiming to be Superman. He reveals that he is Superman and that David Gunderson has used a mind-swapping invention to switch his mind with Gunderson's and locked him up in the scientist's house. Superman, however, managed to escape.

The group flies back to Gunderson's home, and Superman activates the machine again, putting his mind and Gunderson's back into their original bodies. David Gundersen is disappointed that he is now trapped in a handicapped body again, but Superman points out that the only thing that keeps him handicapped, compared to similar people like Jericho, is his mind.



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