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The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 Annual #23A

Marvel Comics

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Chapter Four: Abominations - Amidst the threat of a Lemurian attack on the Panama Canal, Legurian agents have seized Tyrannus, trapped in the form of the Abomination from prison. Using their science, they return the essence of the Abomination to Emil Blonsky, but his human persona is unable to take control. The Lemurians turn the mindless Abomination loose, leaving Spider-Man and She-Hulk to try to blunt it's rampage.

My Science Project - A recap of Spider-Man's origin.

Spider-Man's Top 30 Villain Countdown - Running through Spider-Man's greatest villains.

Spidey vs. J.J.J.! - A recap of their relationship.

Spider-Man's Uncanny Spider-Sense - A rundown of how the Spider-Sense works.

Standards of Behavior - Aunt May meets Nick Katzenberg, and doesn't take to his kind of photojournalism.

Saga of the Serpent Crown: Cataclysm - Retelling the creation of the Serpent Crown and the sinking of Atlantis.



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