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The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #647A

Marvel Comics

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    Another Door - Peter is trying to sort out his relationship with Carlie when he is distracted by the return of Overdrive.

    Honor Thy Father - Vin Gonzales now answers to Norman Osborn, and it's up to Harry to defend himself and the baby.

    Stand Off - J. Jonah Jameson passes a new city ordinance designed to "inadvertently" ban superheroes, but the side effects are hard to stomach.

    Norah's Last Night in NYC - Norah Winters is debating going back home, when Spider-Man talks her out of it.

    American Hero - Flash Thompson is mugged, much to the dismay of the muggers.

    You Again? - When "Brand New Day" kicked off, Peter was seen kissing a seemingly random woman. Now we see that this encounter wasn't nearly as random as we initially thought.



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