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Thunderbolts, Vol. 1 #161

Marvel Comics

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Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by DECLAN SHALVEY Covers by J.S. ROSSBACH FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN Juggernaut has brought destruction to the American Midwest. His team- the alpha squad of the Thunderbolts - have caught the full fury of Cain Marko joined to the ancient force of The Serpent. It all comes down to this! A stand has to be taken and the worst threats of a lost age will face the worst threats of today- the combined squads of the THUNDERBOLTS! It's a major battle with major upheaval as members are transformed completely and others will reveal secret agendas-- and betray their team. This explosive finale will change the Thunderbolts in profound ways, and turn old friends into bitter enemies. Don't miss it! 



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