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The Age of the Sentry #3A

Marvel Comics

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Sentry vs. Mountain ManWritten by JEFF PARKER & PAUL TOBIN Penciled by NICK DRAGOTTA & COLLEEN COOVER Cover by DAVE BULLOCK Variant Cover by SAL BUSCEMA Irradiated creek water turns a trouble-making hillbilly named Junior into a deadly match for The Sentry! Unfamiliar with Ozark ways, our hero is also bound by the Code of the Hills to marry cousin Ellie! How can the Golden Guardian of Good defeat?MOUNTAIN MAN? PLUS: What good is the power of a million exploding suns when it comes to romance? None! So, when the Sentry gets called in for his most confounding task ever, advising Manoo on how to win the heart of his true love, Gtt-Chow, the Sentry turns to a real expert: Millie the Model! But can even her expert guidance help when Gtt-Chow hooks up with a notorious interstellar arms dealer? Two titanic tales in one tiny tome! Terrific!



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