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Web of Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #4

Marvel Comics

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Written by FRED VAN LENTE, TOM DEFALCO & FRANK TIERI Penciled by BARRY KITSON, RON FRENZ & MORE Cover by JELENA KEVIC-DJURDEVIC Behold Mysterio...looks can be more than just deceiving - they can drive you mad. As the Master of Illusion makes his triumphant return to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, webbed wonders FRED VAN LENTE and BARRY KITSON bring you the real story of Quentin Beck?or is it just another illusion? Then, over in THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL, Fury the Goblin Queen has a familiar ally as the cult of the Goblin makes its last stand against May-Day Parker - and a gang war looms in New York City! Join the legendary team of TOM DEFALCO and RON FRENZ for what may be the Family Parker's final chapter! Finally, as the events of The Gauntlet unfold, Mr. Negative and his forces have laid conspicuously low?and the Hammer drops hard on New York City?as HAMMERHEAD makes his move in New York's underworld?and he may not be playing for the side you'd think? 48 PGS./Rated A ?$3.99



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