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Superman for All Seasons #1

DC Comics

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Summary: It is spring in Smallville, time to plant the crops, and Jonathan Kent is out in the field hard at work plowing. As he hits a rock and then tries to remove it from his path, a young Clark Kent comes out to help his father, lifting the rock out of the ground with one hand to the dismay of Pa. That night the Kents have supper with Lana Lang and her aunt Ruth, and after Clark walks Lana to her truck, he returns to his room, where he overhears Pa and Ma on the other side of the house worriedly discussing the changes he's been going through.The next day Clark goes to the general store after school with his best friends Lana and Pete Ross, who can't stop talking about his desire to move out of Smallville. The three are discussing the big city of Metropolis and its most famous citizen Lex Luthor when Clark suddenly remembers he has an appointment for a haircut. When Clark sits in the barber's chair, his powers manifest themselves as he first looks through the wall at Pete and Lana still in the general store, then as the scissors of the barber break on Clark's invulnerable hair. Running home quickly, Clark passes a speeding locomotive, and once at home he has a heart-to-heart with Pa about how scared he is of what's happening to him.A tornado comes through Smallville the next day, and as Pa and Ma are trying to tend to the farm animals, Clark gets picked up by the twister and whisked through town. He sees the gas station attendant in trouble and swoops down to save him mere moments before the twister hits the tank and it explodes. After Clark returns home and is helping with repairs, he is troubled by the fact that he could have done more to help. He goes to the local pastor looking for answers but finds none, so one night shortly after graduation he instead reveals his powers to Lana by flying her around the countryside. Lana tells him that he must use his power to help others so he must leave Smallville. Time passes and we see Clark in Metropolis, already employed at the Daily Planet, already trying in vain to get Lois Lane's attention who at the time is dating Lex Luthor. Superman, however, has everyone's attention, through his headlines in the Planet and through his good deeds (like saving a young boy from falling off the ledge of a very tall building). But one man whose attention he has especially caught, and not in a good way, is Lex Luthor...



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