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52 #18

DC Comics

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In Khandaq, Black Adam conveys one of his country's highest honors upon Vic Sage for preventing the attempted suicide bombing of his wedding to Isis, but he is angered when Renee fails to appear to receive this honor. Instead, she's trying to come to grips with having killed someone little older than a child by drowning herself in vice. But these four will have to work together in order to find out just what Intergang is up to, and why they're now employing children.Skeets has finally arranged for Booster Gold's funeral in a city with no sentiment against the man, and Clark is there to cover it. Before leaving for the cemetary, Skeets encounters Daniel Carter, one of Booster's ancestors, prompting him to begin making plans.Detective Chimp has tracked down Ralph Dibny to help with the mysterious death of Tim Trench. When the Croatoans were preparing to hold one of their regular meetings, they found him sitting in the House of Mystery wearing the helm of Dr. Fate, when he was apparently liquefied. Can even the Elongated Man's knack for mysteries solve this mystical puzzle without help?



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