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52 #22

DC Comics

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Lex Luthor is determined to learn the identity of Metropolis' new masked hero, Supernova. But for all his spending through Lexcorp, he can't get any results. He has his own theory though, that Supernova is in fact a hero who's been missing in Metropolis for months. Perhaps that's why he's so comitted to the Everyman project... to give himself powers to compare with those of his now absent rival.But not everything with the Everyman project is working out. One of the project's former members is hounding Lex, determined to expose him for a fraud. Though Mercy gets rid of him easily, he finds a new audience for his grievances in Steel.And Dr. Will Magnus, and the recently revived Mercury find themself hunted by duplicates of the other Metal Men. They lack the spark of life that Magnus' creations had, but they're determined to abduct Magnus and resistance is not an option.



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