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Justice League / International / America #15

DC Comics

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Green Lantern G'nort attacks The Cluster as it prepares to strip Earth of its resources, exposing it to the sensors of the planet. The League mobilise and half the team head into space while the rest head to the salvage ship in Australia. In both locations, soldiers of The Cluster attack them. The League in space find G'nort and enlist his help while in Australia, Mr Miracle ends up inside the salvage ship. Manga Khan receives word from his lackey L-Ron that The Cluster is officially in the red and making a loss on the venture, causing Khan to abort the mission. The League in space, accompanied by G'nort return to Earth while the salvage ship blasts off from Australia with Mr Miracle still inside. The Martian Manhunter informs Miracle's wife Barda that he is missing and together they plan to track him down.



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