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The Weird, Vol. 1 #1

DC Comics

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Cover by Berni Wrightson. "Conception," script by Jim Starlin, pencils by Berni Wrightson, inks by Dan Green; Jason Morgan is in his Metropolis apartment bathroom performing a ritual that will create a "bridge" linking his reality to a parallel dimension; Once the bridge is created, a Zarolatt (an energy based sentient being) emerges destroying the link behind him. The Zarolatt flies into the sky where it emits a large flash and noise similar to an explosion and attracting the attention of Superman; He finds a stationary, hovering wave of energy; After a preliminary examination, Superman attempts to touch it and is blasted about three miles away; By the time he returns Captain Atom and the Martian Manhunter of the newly formed Justice League are present. 



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