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Doctor Who (Marvel) #9

Marvel Comics

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Cover by Dave Gibbons. "The Life Bringer," script by Steve Moore, art by Dave Gibbons; The Doctor finds Greek Mythology character Prometheus chained to a rock by Zeus as punishment for stealing fire from the heavens and creating the first man; The Doctor and K-9 free him, and he takes them to planet Olympus. Includes WHO KNOWS, a monthly report on all things Doctor Who. A Probable History of the Daleks article by Patrick Daniel O'Neill, art by Ron Zalme. "Star Tigers," script by Steve Moore, art by Steve Dillon; The frontier war with Earth has been fought and settled; Now Draconian freighters fly trade routes with rich cargoes while a Dalek cruiser watches; takes placed during The 26th Century, a time of peace and prosperity for the Draconian Empire.



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