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Iron Man, Vol. 1 #45

Marvel Comics

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Beneath The Armor Beats A HeartTony Stark and Marianne spend some quality time together, now that Marianne has figured out that Tony Stark is Iron Man. Meanwhile, Simon Gilbert instigates a vote of No Confidence against Tony Stark to have him removed as President of Stark Industries. Kevin O'Brien dons his Guardsman armor again to support Stark, and ends up defending SI against a student protest group, accidentally killing some of the protesters. By the time Iron Man arrives, Guardsman has fallen in with Gilbert's group, his judgment clouded by his power. Iron Man refuses to defend himself against the student protesters for fear of hurting more of them, and is soon forced to defend himself against the Guardsman as well. The issue ends with the Guardsman down, and Iron Man ineffectively trying to hold back the crowd of protestors before they attack the security team and things escalate.



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