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Tales of the New Teen Titans #1

DC Comics

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Origin of Cyborg. At Changelings suggestion, the New Teen Titans take a week-long camping and hiking trip together in the Grand Canyon. Conversation around the campfire leads to Cyborg's telling the story of his childhood and his origin. As a youngster, Victor Stone was used by his research scientist parents in their intelligence-boosting experiments, with the result that he became a child genius. However, he lacked any normal peer-group companionship, until he met street-gang leader Ron Evers, who involved him in petty crime. At his mother's insistence, Victor was then allowed to attend public school rather than continuing with a private tutor, whereupon he became an outstanding athlete, forsaking his parents' dream of a scientific career for him. His injury in a gang fight deepened the rift between Victor and his parents, and ended his friendship with Ron, as well.



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