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Crisis On Infinite Earths #9

DC Comics

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The crisis seems to have been averted, and though life on the five Earths quiets down there's still a feeling of unease in the air. Time has stabilized, except in the places where two Earths now meet, called Warp Zones.Representatives from the different Earths meet at the United Nations on Earth-1 to discuss the current situation. There is a sense of distrust among the contingencies of the differing Earths. And as Pariah, Harbinger and Alexander Luthor attempt to quell their fears, Pariah is pulled away, signalling some great danger. Almost immediately, a hologram of Brainiac appears followed by one of Lex Luthor.Under their command, an army of villains has seized control of three of the five Earths. They demand the surrender of the remaining two earths or they will destroy the three they control, resulting in the destruction of all five. Can the combined heroes remaining muster a successful counter-attack?



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