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Teen Titans, Vol. 3 #81

DC Comics

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The Teen Titans are reunited with Static but fall to Holocaust's power. Wonder Girl, Bombshell, Aquagirl and Static are all trapped in prisons designed to counter their powers. The rest of the team searchs, and finally the scarab finds an ATM with photos of a van. At Holocaust's prison, he reveals that all he wants to do is monetize their powers! And he has the data he needs to do that, which means it's time for them to die. That's when Cyborg breaks in, along with two other Teen Titans he's called out of retirement: Superboy and Kid Flash. In the Ravager feature, she's gotten an injured slave to the hospital but lost Will. Then he leaves a note advertizing his presence. She goes to that meeting and discovers he will trade her life for those of his hostages. She... agrees. Injured, she nearly overpowers Will and kills one of his men. But then he stabs her and orders the other henchman to kill the hostages!



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