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Countdown #5

DC Comics

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Una accompanies Buddy Blank through the riot infested streets of Metropolis as more and more people succumb

to the effects of the Morticoccus virus, helping him get to the apartments where his daughter and grandson live

Across the world, the heroes attempt to combat the effects of the virus but most of them, as well as the super-villains,

contract it, turning on each other.

The Challengers can do little apart from watch the city and the planet fall to pieces.

Buddy and Una find his grandson alive but the apartment has been infested with rats which attack Una. Reaching the roof

to escape, they discover Buddy's daughter who has mutated due to the virus and attacks them. Una sacrifices herself,

giving Buddy her flight ring so he can escape with his grandson while she dies protecting them.

Buddy travels to the Command D Bunker where he had worked on the Brother Eye project and from there he watches the

world powers blame each other for the virus and, eventually, launch nuclear weapons against each other.

The Challengers, realising there is nothing they can do, leave the Earth via Boom Tube.



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