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Archie, Vol. 1 #663B

Archie Comic Publications

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Archie's car is trusty-you can always count on it to break down! Jughead suggests that Arch trade in his dead beater at the local used car lot, but the best the dealer can offer him is a battered old scooter! It's walk or ride so Archie has no choice but to take the deal, though he's not so sure about the 'coolness' factor of his underpowered two-wheeler. He's not looking forward to his new ride being mocked at school-and he's definitely not looking forward to facing Veronica with his new wheels. Little does he know, Veronica's having some car trouble of her own. Will Archie's scooter prove to be cooler than he anticipated? And whose got the crazier ride-Archie or Veronica? The answers await you in this fun new issue of Archie!



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