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Justice League / International / America #17

DC Comics

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With Batman and his team in Bialya when the Queen Bee takes over, Captain Atom complains that he had not been consulted about the mission. In Bialya, Batman and the Green Flame (both still in disguise) are under house arrest which doesn't stop Batman escaping to try and free Booster Gold and Blue Beetle who had been captured. At the same time, Booster manages to free himself and Beetle from prison.

Escaping from the Queen Bee's militia, they meet up with Green Flame before the four of them face Wandjina. Before he can stop them, Wandjina is attacked by Captain Atom who rescues his team mates. The confrontation brings the Queen Bee, however, who orders them out of the country to prevent an international incident.

In space, Manga Khan learns that Mr Miracle is the son of Highfather and heads for Apokolips.

Elsewhere, Barda adjusts the League's shuttle's engine with her Boom Tube technology allowing it to follow The Cluster.



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