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Amazing Adventures, Vol. 3 #12

Marvel Comics

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From X-Men #6: Magneto attempts to recruit the Sub-Mariner but the X-Men have arrived to stop him. Magento destroys their ship with his magnetic ray, but miscalculates when he mistreats the Scarlet Witch, arousing Sub-Mariner's sense of chivary. The magnetic mutant mastermind attacks Prince Namor! Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver encounter the X-Men, who... do not mistreat them! Namor concludes that no one on the surface can be trusted. A partial victory: Magento did not add a powerful mutant to his ranks. From Strange Tales #168: Nick Fury encounters an alien named Vaengr, whose Prism of Plenty promises an end to want and suffering. But Vaengr is not the benevolent figure he appears to be, and the Earth is doomed unless - or maybe even if - Nick Fury can stop the alien!



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