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Amazing Adventures, Vol. 3 #14

Marvel Comics

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From X-Men #8: Training continues, now with Cyclops leading the exercises. Beast saves a child's life and is attacked for his trouble, leading him to leave the X-Men and wash his hands of Professor X's mission! He takes up a career as a wrestler, where he encountre Unus, the Untouchable, a mutant whose force field protects him from any harm. Worse, Hank sees Mastermind in the audience - Unus is auditioning for the Brotherhood! Cerebro detects Unus and the X-Men arrive, but can't lay a glove on him. Finally, Beast returns to the X-Mansion, and cooks up a ray to *increase* Unus' power! Has Hank also defected? Shortly the tactic becomes apparent: Unus can't control is increased power. He can't smoke, can't eat, can't drink... Finally, Hank reverses the ray, but makes sure Unus knows that next time, he'll leave the mutant's power amplified forever! Unus returns to the ring...



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