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The Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1 #217

Marvel Comics

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After waking up on a deserted beach, Hulk searches for food and finds a circus wagon. He approaches it but is attacked by its occupants. When they discover the Hulk's monstrous looks, they bound in friendship with the giant. They look different too: a very tall and skinny man, a very fat lady, a dwarf, a man with fur in his face and a beautiful siren called Meriam. Hulk decides to stay with his new friends. But during the trip they are attacked by the Circus of Crime commanded by the Ringmaster. The magician defeats the Hulk with hypnosis and locks everyone in cells. Hulk frees from the trance by thinking of Meriam and defeats the villains. Finally, Jade Jaws takes the siren to the sea and lets her go, resuming his path all alone.



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